What of GBCN?


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Global Buyers’ Cooperative Networks, Inc., (GBCN) a privately-held New York company in business since 1997, is comprised of a team of world-class telecommunications professionals with more than 100 man years in telecommunications network development, including, BPL and Smart Grid technology, SDH, ATM, optical wireless, IP, BWA, and WiMAX broadband wireless access design and implementations.

GBCN has developed a proprietary business and technology model for a dedicated bandwidth business-to-business transport solution – the “Data Call” – delivering the value of a leased line on a pay as it’s used basis.  The Data Call service will be deployed on the Tshwane  and Ekurhuleni power grid networks.

GBCN has also developed a proprietary business and technology model for a revolutionary Power Grid Network solution to capture and backhaul cellular voice calls and mobile broadband sessions on a wholesale price for mobile operators. The solution handles voice calls  and broadband sessions for 25% of the mobile operator’s current internal network costs.  This PGN solution will be implemented on South African, Zimbabwean, and New Zealand power grid networks.

GBCN professionals undertake consultancies in business development, quality assurance, RFP management, network design and construction program management, for new BPL and SDH wire line networks, plus new BWA, WiMAX and cellular wireless networks, as well as operational revision of existing wireless and wire line networks, worldwide.

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In the Republic of South Africa (RSA), over 300 local energy distributors (power grids) are owned and operated by local “municipalities” (equivalent of a U.S. county).  Eskom, the power generation parastatal there, is striving to reduce this to six regional energy distributors to “streamline the energy systems’ procurement and interoperability”.  Municipalities seek a solution to retain their local energy distribution franchise, yet achieve greater energy efficiencies and eliminate power theft.  We have that solution.

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