Renewable Energy Issues…

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More trees “…The numbers are in.  In the United States, which contains 8 percent of the world’s forests, there are more trees than there were 100 years ago. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “Forest growth nationally has exceeded harvest since the 1940s. By 1997, forest growth exceeded harvest by 42 percent and the volume of forest growth was 380 percent greater than it had been in 1920.” The greatest gains have been seen on the East Coast (with average volumes of wood per acre almost doubling since the ’50s) which was the area most heavily logged by European settlers beginning in the 1600s, soon after their arrival…” — 09Feb11, Starre Vartan, Mother nature network,

55 Benefits of CO 2

W I N D    L U L L A B I E S …11 Feb 11

Yep, wind turbine costs more…

Holland Suddenly Demurs on Wind

Bent Out Of Shape In Wyoming

…Accidents Just Happen

Aussie Wind

And there’s ice build up on wind turbines

Environmental Viewpoint-Wind — 1Feb11

Global Green Economy – More on the British Experience…  30Jan11

Dispatch of the PG&E Attempt To Obey California’s Renewable Energy Law:

California Public Utilities Commission

“Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Maryam Ebke



“December 21, 2010

“1.         Summary

“This decision rejects the application of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for approval of and issuance of a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the Manzana Wind Project. PG&E’s application seeks authorization to acquire, develop, and construct the Manzana Wind Project as utility-owned renewable generation and to recover the $911 million costs of the Manzana Wind Project in rates.

“We reject the application because we find that the Manzana Wind Project is not cost-competitive and poses unacceptable risks to ratepayers. We find that the proposed cost of the Manzana Wind Project is significantly higher than other resources PG&E can procure to meet its RPS program goal. Moreover, it will subject the ratepayers to unacceptable risks due to potential cost increases resulting from project under-performance, less than forecasted project life, and any delays which might occur concerning transmission upgrades and commercial online date.

“As a proposed utility-owned generation project, ratepayers would pay a lump sum cost rather than a performance based cost for the Manzana Wind Project. Therefore, ratepayers would be at risk if the project underperforms. In particular, if the Manzana Wind Project fails to achieve production as expected for any reason such as construction delays or curtailments as a result of a collision with a California condor,1 shareholders face no risks while customers could incur increased costs. In contrast, under a power justify this application.

“In short, although the project would contribute to the California renewable generation goals, given the availability of other lower-priced renewable projects in the competitive market that could impose far less risks on ratepayers, PG&E has failed to demonstrate a need for this project.

“While we support clean, renewable generation and the development of utility-owned renewable generation in the utility’s resource mix, approval of PG&E’s application will not further Commission policies relating to utility owned generation of renewable resources given the lack of a showing of a need, and the risks and costs the application poses to ratepayers…”

The Considered Opinion — 27 Jan 2011

The Spanish Experience__Revisited…20Oct10

My Air’s Better Than Your Air…

…Would you like to Trade? …1Oct10

Costs to ‘Renew’ —

…’it ain’t always about money, you know’…22Sep10

What Was That About Wind Energy Again…?

Wind in SA…21Sep10

The Case Of Methane —

…A Case of Environmental Bigotry…20Sep10

— And There’s A Cure !! [it’s patented so you can make money on it…] 20sep10


Detroit News on EVs…

VW Shows Its Golf Electric…

NYT Previews That Nov. CERA Research Report on EVs…

…How about some new eyes on CO2? ….8Sep10

A high-level inquiry into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found there was “little evidence” for its claims about global warming...31Aug10

What’s Happening to Hybrids..?…20aug10

FIT = govt. Dread…9aug10

One day this will all come crashing down and the country will be stuck with not enough electricity and huge misinvestment in useless renewable projects. It’s inevitable when politics completely overrides economics.“…8aug10

How much to keep quiet about Wind turbines…? ___3Aug10

Not Exactly The ‘Hottest Year On Record’ is it…?___2Aug10

Nevada Solar Has Some Intended Consequences…31jul10

And while we’re at it, some good stuff on the Jungle…7jul10

Interesting new work on Breath of the Earth…6jul10

China and India versus CO2 Emissions…? 2jul10

Wind Turbines Generate CO2? ….24june10

The Danish Experience…17jun10

What IS believable? …15june10

Does Money Grow in Wind Farms? …13june10

How about “Energy Issues”?

“…Energy is one of the few words for which the popular and the scientific definitions are the same. Energy is defined as “the capability to take action, to do work, to bring about change.” So the first responsibility of any energy program is to produce enough energy to take the actions, do the work and bring about desired changes. Even actions to reduce energy wastage, such as insulating old houses, will require that energy be spent. Access to energy is what distinguishes living organisms from non-living entities, and allows the organisms some control over their destinies…”

Learn About Energy

“…Construction of large-scale wind- and solar-energy systems constitutes an unprecedented experiment in climate control…”

The Spanish Experence…

The German Experience…

Huge Investments in Solar — but it’s Thermal not PVs…

North Africa

It’s Financial Prospects


Wind is an often touted alternative to coal / gas / nuclear resources.

California Wind Prospects

’07 Small Wind Survey

Cape Wind Promises


However, looking hard at the wind business case is well warranted —

1-WindPower in Vermont

Fuel Costs of Wind Electric


Cape Wind Charges For Its Power…

In fact, renewable sources’ energy density is highly suspect overall —

1-Unscientific American

CO2 Standards and the Environmental’s Protection Agency Activity

Look at EPA’s CO2 Efforts.


Scientific Method…?  Trust, But Verify…!

Peer Reviewed…or not

…A New Calculus

“…Climate change (warming) real?” asks Dr. Lindzen

Climate Debate – Trust and Mistrust

Climate Sensitivity…?

What About Negative Feedback…?

Rising Sea Levels…

Statistical anomalies…

German Scientists Urge, “Let’s Get It Right!

What about cosmic rays? Yes…

…Some Questions That Need To Be Answered…


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