Provoked Dox


We consider ourselves sort of ‘eternal students’, because the more we find out the more we confront what we don’t know.

This page is focused on some of the documents we have come across that just provoke us to admire them.

They have made us think, and induce more searching.

What does it cost to generate Energy?

This Synapse Energy Economics study of AMI implications for New Jersey retail  customer prospects showed a ‘bottom line light’ on the benefits to costs issue that The Brattle Group’s paper examines across initial smart grid efforts in several countries



This briefing note from the Carnegie Mellon University Dept. of Engineering & Public Policy provides a good intro to smart grid apps for us.

What Does ‘Smart Grid’ Denote?

A lot of smart grid propaganda mentions the utility of using plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as energy storage solutions.  This Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center Working Paper (CEIC09-03) analyzes the financial implications.

1-Economics of PHEV power storage

In the excellent Smart Grid Security Blog (See the BLOGROLL), Andy Hochman and Jack Denahy brought our attention to Ira Winkler’s ‘first cut’ at hacking the smart grid.

1-Hackability of the Smart Grid

It’s not just in South Africa, that power distributors are squeezing their pennies to fund the lowest-cost solution next stage of meters — “PREPAID”.  This Brit Case Study indicates the myopia of this approach.


These ‘lively’ discussions in South African blogs serve to illustrate the ‘creativity’ that goes into PREPAIDs in RSA…

1-Cheating Prepaid Electric Meters1

-How NOT to do Prepaid in SA

Prepaid Electric_oec_case_study

Managing Power Theft

We are proponents of power line communications and broadband-over-powerline transmission…for a number of reasons.  While amateur radio ‘hams’ have campaigned mightily against earlier (and more primitive) power line technologies, this Chinese study, along with the U.S. jv between Intl Broadband Electricity Corp. and IBM for powerline Internet access prove the solid success of the last generation of this technology…

1-China BPL AMR_2009

1-IBEC BPL-based Rural Internet Svc



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