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Jon Arnold’s Article

November 22, 2010

Dear Jon,

Just read your article of 17 Nov and liked it very much.
Perhaps you’ll remember that I have posted some on the need to approach time-of-use tariffs and demand management on a ‘one application solution at a time’ basis.
You are not going to change behavior wholesale as a campaign.  However, each application solution will appeal to certain people first and more.  Once they have practical experience with its positive business case for them, then they become their neighbors’ reference case history.  And so on.
This is not a short term process.  I am also thinking that with the Power Grid Network, we should only move TOU / DM campaigns into one neighborhood at a time, then introduce and process one application solution into that neighborhood one at a time, until we reach a ‘critical mass’ of solutions that consumers are willing to hang their hat on in the neighborhood.
I don’t think the hardware manufacturers will be very happy about our roll-out timing / strategy.
But then that’s not the point is it?

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